Why do I have that Lump in Throat Feeling? Is there any way to get rid of Lumps in the Throat?

Have you ever felt like you had lumps in the throat area, then coughed up a small white-ish ball? Have you eversmelled one of them? They smell exactly like bad breath!

Try it sometime and you’ll be in for an nasty surprise!They smell like a cross between rotten eggs and road-kill!

I had always thought that it was my occasional bad breathcausing the smell. I consistently had this lump in throatfeeling too, but I had never put the two together. I'verecently learned that that these lumps in the throat areactually called tonsil stones!

What Are Those Lumps In the Throat?

Those white smelly things causing my lump in throatfeeling were actually composed of a couple of gases thatreally do cause bad smells. They are hydrogen sulfide andmethyl mercaptan. And it turns out that these are the samegases that cause the odor of halitosis in most people.

However this information is a little misleading – theselumps in the throat are actually self-contained from anodor standpoint. Unless they actually break open in theback of your throat, the odor is not usually released.

However (and this is a big however)... if you consistentlyhave that lump in throat feeling (and thus the foul odorsof methyl mercaptan and hydrogen sulfide), then you havethe exact oral environment that is most conducive to badbreath, existing in the back of your throat and tonsils.

Thus, in most cases, people with lumps in the throat, alsomay have a breath problem – either occasional or chronic.This is because the exact conditions that cause the lumpin throat feeling (post-nasal drip, dry mouth, whitetongue, excess nose mucus), are also very likely to causehalitosis.

Where can I find more information about my lump in throat feeling?

If you are someone who suffers from lumps in the throat ona regular basis, this article will provide additional information on how youcan put a stop to your bad breath, while you are workingon that lump in throat feeling.

Meanwhile, this free e-book is a fantastic resource that covers all aspects of badbreath, including it's relationship to the constant phlegmin throat feeling and nose mucus.

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