Vital Info on a Potential Post Nasal Drip Cure and its Associated Bad Breath

Finding a post nasal drip cure can be a challenge, but it's certainly not impossible. What can often be difficult however, is getting rid of the bad breath associated with it. How will getting rid of all this excess mucus put an end to my bad breath, you ask?

Here's a little bit of background info about post nasal drip and its associated bad breath by clearing up sinus issues like excess mucus.

I've tried to outline the basics here to provide you with more information about post nasal drip:

1. What is nasal congestion?
Nasal congestion results from inflammation of the lining of the nasal passages. It can interfere with the ears, hearing, and speech development. The inability to find a post nasal drip cure may interfere with sleep, cause snoring, and can be associated with episodes of not breathing during sleep (sleep apnea).

2. What causes nasal congestion?
It's caused by a swelling of the blood vessels, excess fluid in the tissues, and an increased secretion of mucus. Congestion of the membrane lining of the nasal passages results most commonly from upper respiratory infections caused by a wide variety of viruses, i.e., the common cold. It may also be caused by pollens and other irritants in the air.

3. Will a post nasal drip cure help my bad breath problem?
Fixing your post nasal drip issue is not enough. While over-the-counter medications may relieve you nasal symptoms, it still doesn't get to the root of the bad breath problem.

The bacteria which cause bad breath and sour/bitter/metallic tastes are anaerobic sulfur-producing microorganisms. Their goal in life is to break down the proteins in foods that we eat. However, under certain conditions, they will start to break down proteins in mucus and phlegm.

Here is the post nasal drip cure I use to get rid of my bad breath

Therefore, those people with excess mucus who are unable to find a post nasal drip cure are more prone to bad breath and lousy tastes because the bacteria will start to extract sulfur compounds from the amino acids that make up these proteins.

4. What treatments are available?
An outstanding excess mucus and post nasal drip cure can be found here. When used correctly, it's so effective many patients with excess mucus needed no drug treatment at all!

5. Where can I find more information about a post nasal drip cure?
If you are someone who suffers from this ailment on a regular basis, read this article on post nasal drip which will provide additional information on how you can put a stop to your bad breath, while you are working on a post nasal drip cure. Meanwhile, this free e-book is a fantastic resource that covers all aspects of bad breath, including it's relationship to nasal congestion and excess mucus.

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